Airsoft Stag and/or Hen Do

An Airsoft experience day is a fantastic way to start your Stag or Hen do weekend.

Many people who are heading off on a stag do see Airsoft and paintball as the same kettle of fish, just with different ammo.

They couldn’t be more mistaken!

Airsoft is the closest you’re going to get to a full-on military experience short of joining up and taking a tour of some war-infested hellhole where it’s so hot even the cockroaches are sweating!

Luckily, this isn’t Afghanistan, this is Airsoft located on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

Much more civilised…

Airsoft is a great activity for getting a group of chaps or chapettes (who perhaps aren’t too familiar) to really get to know each other, as the objective-based missions you’ll be facing require some serious teamwork – otherwise you’ll end up with more pinprick bruises than someone who’s just insulted a butch hedgehog’s mum!

This’ll be great for those looking for a budget option – paintball may seem cheap but the extra ammo is more expensive when compared to airsoft.

Unless you’re a spray’n’pray kinda perdson, 3,000 BBs will last you a good amount of the day and if you do need more, then another 3,000 pellets can be purchased on site for just £7.00! Lock ‘n load, maggots!!


You’ll play a variety of team-based objective games, designed to challenge your inner tactician, beginning with a warm-up, simple game of capturing an enemy fort.

Later in the day there will be tank objectives, sabotage missions, capture the flag games and headquarters-type scenarios.

The marshals will arrange the day’s games as they see fit for your skill level.

A selection of airsoft weaponsWhat’s included:

Half Day Airsoft Games 
- A Heckler & Koch G36c replica Airsoft Rifle 
- Full protective gear 
- Compulsory safety briefing

What you need to know:

Please bring a hat, gloves and decent footwear that you don’t mind getting dirty and please note that aAny breakages resulting from misuse must be paid for.

To arrange your Airsoft Stag and/or Hen Do package contact the team at Airsoft Edinburgh today.

Gold Package

Half Day gaming
£35 per head

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Platinum Package

Full Day gaming
£60 per head

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Group of men playing airsoft