Airsoft Rules

These are the Airsoft Rules that players must abide by in order to play safely and enjoy the excitement of Close Quarter Airsoft Battles


Land Warrior Airsoft’s first priority is the safety of our players and staff, the second priority is the enjoyment of our customers through the most immersive airsoft games we can provide.

We expect all players to show each other respect and play in a manner in which they would like to be played against.

Start Up:

All players must be signed in before the games can be started.

Each player will be given a team that they must stay on throughout the games, if you do not know your team check with the sign in staff. No tape is used, we recommend that the teams come up with a challenge such as “FLASH” “THUNDER”.

Please notify staff if you have any medications – these must be carried in the top left hand pocket

Do not leave items unattended at any time in the car park or safe zone

Please carry adedquate supplies to play for at least a few games, this helps the turn around times of games. For example BB’s, water & batteries.

Age Limits:

Minimum age is 11. Anyone under 18 must have a guardian over the age of 18 present on site for the full day.

Rifles & FPS Limits:

370fps with full auto

370-500fps Single Shot with 25M engagement, player must be able to gauge 25 metres and should carry a side arm.

Two Tone Rifles may be used. We will remind you that spray painting without playing the required number of games is illegal.

Chronographing may be carried out at random

Gaming Area:

All areas are in play as indicated by the marshal staff

Do not climb on dry stone walls, damage any props or fencing

Do not shoot at or frighten any livestock or wild life – players will be removed from play if caught doing this

The ground is often uneven, properly tied sturdy boots are required. Players should move at a safe pace depending on the terrain.

Players should not chew, eat or smoke during games.

As with all areas in Scotland the public have a “right to roam”, if any member of the public is spotted in the gaming area please notify a member of the marshal team straight away.


Full face masks are recommended, any player that chooses not to wear a full face mask has waived their right to complain about head/face shots.

Glasses have to be suitable safety glasses, marshals may test these if they do not seem suitable.

For everyones safety rifles must be cleared when leaving the gaming area to the safe zone or car park. Rifles must be set to safe and magazines must be removed from the rifle in the safe zone or car park

If you need to test your rifle this must be done in the gaming area, with glasses on

Shooting in General:

All players firing over or around objects must fire aimed shots, firing without aiming is referred to as blind firing

Players shooting at close range (less than 10 metres) should ideally use single shot or a pistol if they can

Head shots should be avoided, if they cannot be avoided they should be done on single shot or a short burst

It is good conduct and good sportsmanship to apologise for any nippy shots you may have inflicted on a player

Players cannot play dead or give the impression they are out of play to gain an advantage

Hit/Dead Rules:

When hit/shot/blown up you must shout HIT, raise your hand and stand up.

If moving around the site out of play please keep your hand raised.

Dead players cannot communicate other than to say they are dead, they must not give away any players position. This includes the use of radios.

All direct shots count, even friendly fire. Drop shots do not count. If your rifle is shot you must shout GUN HIT, this lets the person shooting at you know that you are not cheating.

Players not feeling or hearing shots does happen but if continual the player will be asked to remove clothing/webbing/ghillie suits until they can hear/feel shots.

There is no bang rule, pulling the trigger is the best way to tell someone they are hit.

Players with plastic/rubber bayonets can perform a “knife kill” if they get close enough to pat (not throw) the player with the knife. No real knives are allowed to be used.

Medic rules will be outlined for each game.


Marshals may either be in game, wearing high vis vests or in plain gear (no rifle). The marshal team will be introduced at during the initial briefing.

Cheat calling is not tolerated. If you have a problem with a player you must speak to a marshal, cheat calling and cheating are equally unacceptable.

Marshals may fire honesty shots at random to test players, if a player is tested and hit they will allow the player straight back into the game. If the player fails the test they will speak to the player about why they failed and test them again at a later point.

Players who cheat, cheat call or conduct themselves in a unsafe manner may be ejected from the site.

Players must not argue with marshals, they are there to direct gameplay and ensure safety.


Only over 18’s can use/purchase pyro.

Only approved pyrotechics can be used on our site, if you are in doubt to what is approved you must check with our staff. No home made pyrotechics will be allowed.

All bangs are classed as grenades

Dynatech, or other BFG greanades cannot be thrown overarm and cannot be thrown above head height.

Smoke is only for screening purposes

Leather gloves are recommended when using pyro to avoid burns.

Pictures & Video:

LWA may use pictures and video from game days, if you do not wish your photos or video used please notify us.

Anyone wishing to take pictures/video must ask for permission

For more information about the Airsoft Rules, contact the team at Airsoft Edinburgh today