About Airsoft

Airsoft as a sport is a crazy sport, think of it like the modern replacement for Paintball and Laser Tag all rolled into one great package.

Airsoft pelletsFiring shots at your enemy fully automatic at 250 miles per hour with a realistic replica of the Heckler & Koch G36 as used by the UK Police and German Armed Forces.

The ammunition is a precision made 6mm biodegradable BB which weighs 0.20 of a gram.

This may not seem much but fire these at 15 rounds per second and you get the idea what happens pretty quickly.

Our rifles are always in good condition and are continually rotated out to ensure good performance all day for our players.

The rifles range is around 130-150 feet and our woodland site is perfectly well suited for.

When you play on our site you might notice some of our armoured Snatch Land Rovers we have or maybe some of our FV432 armoured personnel carriers, you might even spot our real Rapier missile system we have.

Over the 70 acres you’ll find a variety of bases and barricades to ensure your assaults are always tough and fun.

For more details on the exciting sport of Airsoft, [contact] the team at Airsoft Edinburgh today.