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Next Game Day – TBC


Pre book online only (cut off 5pm Friday before game day). No refunds or transfers will be given for non-attendance.

IMPORTANT: If you are coming with a group please add team name as teams are assigned before the day.

Safe Zone will be closed, players must use their cars.

There is no onsite shop, orders can be made online (cut off 5pm Friday before the game day) for collection in the morning.

A mask cover must be worn in the car park area (not mesh).

Players cannot breach social distancing during the games, to share bunkers/barricades. Anyone caught sharing will be be on a three strike rule and then removed from play.

If you have all your own kit and gear and don’t need to rent anything to play, then our Green Fee is for you. Simply turn up, set up and enjoy a full days play.

Have all your own gear and play at Airsoft Edinburgh often? Then why not join our Members Club and get a £5.00 discount off our regular Green Fee every time you play.

If you have your own gear but need to hire a rifle, then why not rent one from us? All our rifles are regularly serviced and equal to those used by regular players.

All you need for an excellent days play, including rifle, protective eyewear, coveralls and enough ammo to get you going – and you can buy more if you need it.








Our Partners

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Land Warrior Rifle Club


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And that’s it folks. We’re screwed and won’t open again at the Allanshaw wood. Absolutely gutted at the ridiculous situation we’ve been left in.

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While we wait for today’s magic 8 ball announcement we expect to be behind England’s end of March opening date. Any dates after mid April-ish will mean the site definitely will not be reopening.

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